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一、青峪豬Qinyu pig
Bashan native pig is company jointing animal husbandry institute of pig of Sichuan, Sichuan agricultural university, selection of Chinas outstanding local pig breeds - Qinyu pigs .Qinyu pig has good resistance to coarse, strong adaptability, snow fat more in meat, spicy, delicate, fat but not greasy, high nutritional value. It has won the state administration for industry and commerce of geographical indication prove trademark and the organic certification of national ministry of agriculture.
經考古學家鑒定青峪豬距今已有數千年的歷史。Via the archaeologists appraisal Qinyu pig have been one thousand years of history.
According to the Qing palace meal archives of the recorded history, the longest ruling, the highest but deathless renown leader -- -- -- -- -- the emperor Qianlong of Bashan native pigs as royal taste.
As the animal husbandry gene hybrid technology in our country in recent years a large number of applications. Make this a national excellent pig species endangered. Bashan ecological animal husbandry company founder Zhangyuxian with animal husbandry experts in 2009, 2010, deep Qinyu pig origin China TongJiangXian such as Qinyu, Banqiao, Diba township and the surrounding area, the final selection of pure Qinyu pig breeds, through scientific breeding, cultivation, included in the protection list of livestock and poultry resources of Sichuan province in 2012, set up a joint and the institute of Bashan native pig.

二、有機飼料Organic feed
In soil, water, air and so on all has passed the certification of organic planting pure natural environment, do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, transgenic technology and radiation treatment of organic fodder plants as the main ingredients of Bashan native pig.
By the third party professional testing institutions, Bashan native pig, in the company through organic certification of grazing pasture on environment, and the consumption of independent planting organic fodder, Bashan native pig , all kinds of beneficial to human body nutrition element is much higher than other similar products.
生態牧場Ecological pasture
Of Bashan native pig pasture on four criteria: 1、water quality, water quality must meet the national organic standard, Bashan pasture adopts 150 meters underground, mountain spring. 2、 soil does not contain heavy metals. 3、 rangeland vegetation and ecological environment have to be very harmonious integration. 4、according to the rotational grazing pasture on design patterns.
Joyful growth in such a unique ecological environment of Bashan native pig , meat through determination of the ministry of agriculture food supervision and inspection center, the unique marble intramuscular fat content is more than 2 times of other pig breeds, volatile flavour amino acids are 2 times more than other varieties, the content of essential trace element selenium and zinc are three times more than other varieties, Bashan native pig not only safe, meaty, aromatic and delicate, fat but not greasy, and a high nutritional value.
三、有機屠宰Organic slaughter
巴山土豬通過安樂致死模式屠宰,宰后在0℃——4℃排酸車間24小時排酸,使肉熟化,肉質柔軟有彈性,口感細膩、味道鮮美、營養價值高.Pigs slaughtered by happiness death mode of Bashan native pig, after slaughter acid discharge workshop 24 hours at 0 --4 , make the meat curing, fleshy, soft and elastic, delicate, delicious taste, high nutritional value.
四、氣調包裝Gas toning packag
巴山土豬采用的氣調包裝技術是當今世界領先的食品保鮮技術,在真空環境下充入氮氣來保證巴山土豬的新鮮和營養。Bashan native pig gas packaging technologies used in the pig, is the worlds leading food preservation technology, filling the nitrogen gas in a vacuum environment to ensure Bashan native pig, fresh and nutrition.
氮氣是一種中性、懶惰氣體。不會和食物發生化學變化。能抑制氧化、酸敗。)Nitrogen gas is a kind of neutral and lazy. Will not happen and food chemistry. Can inhibit oxidation and rancidity.
五、全程冷鏈    時時追溯The entire cold chain and traceability
Traceability system refers to Bashan native pig in the whole process of growth and processing, customers can always see through two-dimensional code scanning means to buy the product of the complete production process.


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